Tree Tents bring together a unique team; friends with specialised and varied talents from balloon and airship engineering, precision machining, fabrication and autosport engineering, a lifetime carpenter and expert steam bender and sustainable engineering and design expertise.

The Tree Tent concept was initially created by Jason Thawley of design studio Luminair...

“The concept has been in development over the past couple of years in between our main design projects. We’ve looked carefully at the growing popularity in yurt and tipi camping in the UK and the other amazing structures that have come into play over the past few years and wanted to offer our own take on low impact shelters.”

Tree Tents aim to offer comfortable and low impact inclusion into the woodland at any time of year whether it be for recreation, research, conservation or education.


While working on projects such as this we meet some amazing people, great companies and see some wonderful talent. Those pivotal to the Tree Tent project are outlined below - follow the links to learn more about them too....

Dylan Pym - One of the most talented steam benders and furniture makers we've had the pleasure to meet. Dylan's expertise in all things wooden has been priceless to the TT design and build.

Lindstrand - When it came to finding a company up to the job of manufacturing industrial textiles into spherical, precision made skins for the TT project, The Lindstrand Hot Air Balloon factory stepped up to the mark. Their experience in not only balloon envelope design but technical fabric structures has sewn the final quality stamp on this 'static' airship.